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The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN VIET NAM CHARITY GROUP Inc. (SAVCG) is a not for profit, nonaligned group of Veterans and friends who, since 2002, have been returning to Viet Nam along with other Veterans, family & friends.

We have been officially incorporated and registered as a Charity with the ACNC since 2013.

With generous support the SAVCG are able to offer ongoing assistance to over 500 orphan and needy children at 4 Orphanages in places where Australians served during the Viet Nam War. We also assist impoverished persons in the Nui Dat area. We provide food and fresh water, medicine, schooling supplies, and more.  Along with this ongoing assistance for basic necessities, we also take on larger projects to replace vehicles or equipment and infrastructure where we can.

All goods are purchased locally and from multiple merchants which greater benefits the local community.

Although only officially incorporated in 2013, the Group has been carrying on this work since 2002 and is extremely proud of its efforts, as 92% of all monies raised goes to Viet Nam – very little is expended on admin costs by us, whereas, other well-known charities spend up to 82% on admin costs to fund fancy offices and cars.


Our Team




Secretary / Deputy Chairman

Wayne Honeychurch


Dean Ryan

Public Officer

John Traeger

Marketing / Asst. Secretary

Kelli De Lacey

Education / Liaison Officer

Ian Muir